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“Buying a new TV can be a big decision but mounting your TV can be an even bigger one. Where will it fit? How does it get connected? Who can I trust and who has the best TV Wall Mounting Service in Sydney?”.

Table Top TV Installation

Here at IBM Electrical & AV Services we offer a wide range of services. Even if it’s a simple table top TV installation. So if you have just bought a new TV and have not got the time or energy to unbox and set it up, or the TV may be too large or too complicated to put together and setup, then please do contact us today to save you the time and hassles.

The table top TV setup and installation is suitable for any free standing TVs. When doing this kind of setup, we make sure all media devices and cables connected are all neatly dressed and cable tied together so there are no ugly cables or wires hanging out. And after the installation we can help you tune and adjust your TV and media devices to your preferences. We always make sure that you are happy before we pack up and leave and that the table top TV installation is perfect.

We are so confident in all our work that all our service and installations come with a 2 year installation warranty. Please contact us today at IBM Electrical & AV Services to see how we can help with your Table Top TV Installation!

TV Wall Mounting & Installation

TV Wall Mounting installation is our most requested service, and with our experience we are able to wall mount and install your TV in a variety of convenient locations. Whether you want your TV Wall Mounted on gyprock or brick rendered wall, wall mounted on timber or steel/aluminum studs, wall mounted on a recessed or angled wall, wall mounted over your fireplace, or outside on a patio, where ever it maybe we can help. We can also hide and conceal cables in many different ways so it will depend on your situation, and how you want the finished look. But don’t worry we will ask you all the relevant questions to give you the best possible result.

TV Wall mounting needs to be done by a professional using care and precision. The bracket used should be strong and of the best quality. If the wrong shape, size, or style of mounting is used, the TV might not be firmly attached to the wall and could result in disaster. As the latest TVs can easily cost into the many thousands, this is a situation to avoid at all costs. We can supply you any type of bracket and all our brackets are of the very best quality. We offer a variety of mounts to suit your situation as part of our TV Wall Mounting Service installation package.

Another very important point is if the TV is not mounted level or at the incorrect height, then the viewers will constantly be turning their head to one side or leaning there head back to see the picture straight. This might cause you many neck and back problems in the future. So, you need to ensure the TV Mounting is done professionally at the correct height to suit your viewing area and distance.
Your TV Wall Mounting & installation is very important to us. We will provide you with a great professional experience with a fast and friendly service. So, if you need your TV mounted by The TV Mounting Specialists or any other assistance with a TV installation, please get in touch today and contact us to see how we can help. At IBM Electrical & AV Services we guarantee to give you the best possible service and price for your TV Wall Mounting & Installation needs!

Home Theatre Projector & Screen Installation

Installing a Projector and Screen will bring theatre quality video into your home. They are a very good investment and an excellent addition to any home theatre, and a must have for anyone who enjoys watching movies, sports and gaming. But to get the most out of it and to really enjoy the benefits of the Projector and Screen setup, it is very important to have them installed properly. There is no better way to ensure maximum projector quality than with our professional installation service at IBM Electrical & AV Services.

There are so many issues if you try and mount your Projector and Screen yourself. Should I mount the projector or the screen first? How high should I mount the screen? How am I going to configure the projector to fill the screen? All these things that can get pretty complicated.

First you have to find the best wall for the screen then decide from what distance and also how far up you are going to project. What will look the best for the people in the first row, second row, etc? And no one should be looking up more than 15 degrees, so you have to make it happen perfectly. Now you also must remember that the closer your projector is to the screen, the brighter it will be. You don’t want people to be looking at images that are hurting their eyes in any way. You need to also be sure that your images are projected and aligned correctly, and that your picture qualities are properly adjusted.

Setting up a projector and screen isn’t as easy as it seems. Sure you could try to do this on your own, or you could just call in the professionals at IBM Electricals & AV Services. Please contact us today to find out how we can help with your Projector and Screen installations!

The TV Mounting Specialist!

Buying a new TV can be a big decision but mounting your TV can be an even bigger one. Where will it fit? How does it get connected? Who can I trust and who has the best TV Wall Mounting Service in Sydney?
At IBM Electrical & AV Services we are the experts in TV Wall Mounting and can answer all your questions with the benefit of many years of experience in TV Wall Mounting. If your TV needs to be wall mounted on any type of wall with hidden (concealed) cabling the best possible way, ceiling or just simply put on the stand, we can help you.
We can provide the best quality TV mounts for your TV, and all other parts that are needed to complete your job. We can also wall mount and setup your Sound bar or your home theater system, receiver and mount your speakers on the wall or the ceiling. We will also mount your projector and screen at the best possible price!
The idea we have is to make your TV Wall Mounting Service or any other type of installation happen as painlessly and hassle free as possible. We will explain every job in detail, and keep it clean, and professional. We pride ourselves in doing a better job than the bigger companies every time. We get a lot of our jobs from referrals and our goal is for you to refer us to your friends too.
We are fully insured and all our TV Wall Mounting installations and other services in Sydney and the surrounding areas include a 2 Year Warranty for Parts & Labour (excluding any accidental damage). Plus, a 2 Year Limited Warranty that your mount will not come loose from the wall unless intended by you.
Please contact us at IBM Electrical & AV Services for all your TV Wall Mounting Services and other installation requirements. Most times we can come out and do your Installs on the same day or within 24 to 48 Hours. We are the TV Mounting Specialists!

Other Wall Mounting & Hanging Services

At IBM Electrical & AV Services we will wall mount or hang just about everything. We are a reliable wall mounting and hanging service providers who will respect your time. We will always arrive on time and ready to work, bringing all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done right the first time and every time. We will work together with you to work out a time that best suits you.

When you book professionals to wall mount or hang something then you want to make sure that they're experienced and capable enough to meet your needs. From installing shelves, and mirrors to hanging picture frames and then to achieving the greatest visual effects, it is best to leave it to an experienced professional who knows how to secure your wall hangings firmly onto the wall. We will always try our hardest to work with you to make that best first impression to anyone who enters your home or office every single time.

These are some of the wall mounting and hanging services we can provide you:
  • TV Wall Mounting
  • Projector Screen Wall Mounting
  • Soundbar Wall Mounting
  • Floating shelf
  • Picture Frames
  • Paintings, Art and Canvas
  • Mirrors
  • Clocks
  • Shelves
  • Cabinets

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