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Home Theatre Installation Sydney

Installing a Projector and Screen will bring theatre quality video into your home. They are a very good investment and an excellent addition to any home theatre, and a must have for anyone who enjoys watching movies, sports and gaming. But to get the most out of it and to really enjoy the benefits of the Projector and Screen setup, it is very important to have them installed properly. There is no better way to ensure maximum projector quality than with our professional installation service at IBM Electrical & AV Services. There are so many issues if you try and mount your Projector and Screen yourself. Should I mount the projector or the screen first? How high should I mount the screen? How am I going to configure the projector to fill the screen? All these things that can get pretty complicated. Our home theatre installation Sydney service makes it easy!

First you have to find the best wall for the screen then decide from what distance and also how far up you are going to project. What will look the best for the people in the first row, second row, etc? And no one should be looking up more than 15 degrees, so you have to make it happen perfectly. Now you also must remember that the closer your projector is to the screen, the brighter it will be. You don’t want people to be looking at images that are hurting their eyes in any way. You need to also be sure that your images are projected and aligned correctly, and that your picture qualities are properly adjusted.

Setting up a projector and screen isn’t as easy as it seems. Sure you could try to do this on your own, or you could just call in the professionals at IBM Electricals & AV Services. Please contact us today to find out how we can help with your Projector and Screen installations!

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