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TV Wall Bracket Installation

Tv Wall Bracket Installation  is our most requested service, and with our experience we are able to wall mount and install your TV in a variety of convenient locations. Whether you want your TV Wall Mounted on gyprock or brick rendered wall, wall mounted on timber or steel/aluminum studs, wall mounted on a recessed or angled wall, wall mounted over your fireplace, or outside on a patio, where ever it maybe we can help. We can also hide and conceal cables in many different ways so it will depend on your situation, and how you want the finished look. But don’t worry we will ask you all the relevant questions to give you the best possible result.

TV Wall mounting needs to be done by a professional using care and precision. The bracket used should be strong and of the best quality. If the wrong shape, size, or style of mounting is used, the TV might not be firmly attached to the wall and could result in disaster. As the latest TVs can easily cost into the many thousands, this is a situation to avoid at all costs. We can supply you any type of bracket and all our brackets are of the very best quality. We offer a variety of mounts to suit your situation as part of our TV Wall Mounting Service installation package.

Another very important point is if the TV is not mounted level or at the incorrect height, then the viewers will constantly be turning their head to one side or leaning there head back to see the picture straight. This might cause you many neck and back problems in the future. So, you need to ensure the TV Mounting is done professionally at the correct height to suit your viewing area and distance.

Your TV Wall Mounting & installation is very important to us. We will provide you with a great professional experience with a fast and friendly service. So, if you need your TV mounted by The TV Mounting Specialists or any other assistance with a TV installation, please get in touch today and contact us to see how we can help. At IBM Electrical & AV Services we guarantee to give you the best possible service and price for your TV Wall Mounting & Installation needs!

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